3 Practice Transparent Locks: Tumblers Padlock, Disk Detainer Lock and Dimple Commercial Lock


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This Transparent Practice Lock Combo Kit includes:

  • 1Transparent Tumbler Padlock,
  • 1 Disk Detainer Lock 
  • 1 Dimple Commercial Lock with 2 keys each, and
  • black cover cases for extra challenge.

What You Should Know About Clear Practice Locks

Do you love lock picking? Whether you are new to these essential life skills or whether you want to improve your lock picking skills, you need to know that purchasing clear practice locks will go a long way towards improving your lock picking skills. However, you should not use active locks for practice since you might end up breaking the bank in the process. Purchasing quality clear locks to improve your lock picking skills is the best decision. The following complete guide will take you through the best clear practice locks to improve your lock picking skills hope you will learn more.

How Clear Locks Can Help to Learn Lock Picking Skills

When trying to improve your lock picking skills, it is vital to use these quality practice locks. Clear practice locks should be your go-to option if you are a beginner looking to learn the art of lock picking. Apart from helping you to understand the locking mechanisms of locks, clear practice locks are also cool. The following are the top reasons why you should purchase clear practice locks:

  1. Clear practice locks will give you a clear view of the moving parts and locking mechanisms of the lock as you manipulate it.
  2. Beginners can use clear practice locks to understand how the pins work when a key is inserted.
  3. Clear practice locks are available in padlock form and standard lock form.

Now that you know the benefits of purchasing clear practice locks, lets us look at some of the best clear practice locks to buy this year.

Dimple Commercial LockThe Dimple Commercial Lock is a clear lock that will improve your lock picking skills. This clear practice lock comes with 7 pin locks and 2 dimpled keys. It is a pin -cylinder, which uses the key's flat blade to bite the lock. Therefore, the lock cuts onto the flat side and turns ninety degrees. This lock is pretty cool and clear, allowing lock pick enthusiasts to see everything when trying to pick the lock. Besides using it as a practice lock, you can also use it as your main lock if you want. The lock comes with a plastic storage case and 2 keys. Purchase this clear practice lock today as a gift for other lock pick hobbyists who are just starting. It is also the perfect gift for your curious relatives and friends.

  • Tumblers Padlock

This is another clear practice lock to purchase if you want to take your lock picking skills a notch higher. Tumblers padlock has a cool blue color, which will allow you to understand the workings of the lock by observing what happens to the springs and pins when operating the lock. This great practice lock can also be used as your main lock if you want. The Tumblers padlocks come with a plastic storage case and 2 keys. You should purchase this cool practice lock for all your curious friends and relatives. This practice lock is also the perfect gift for your friends and relatives who want to learn how to pick locks.

  • Disk Detainer Lock

This popular clear practice lock will allow you to see the workings of the lock as you try to operate it. Observing every action as you use the keys and picks to operate the locks will improve your lock picking skills. This practice lock has disks, spacers, true gates, sidebar, and false gates. It comes with a storage case and 2 keys and 1 detainer lock. If you are looking for the perfect clear practice lock for your curious friends and relatives, this is the perfect lock for you. It is also the ideal practice lock for anyone who wants to improve his or her lock picking skills.

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The Kit is awesome to practice on variety of locks. It's cool, it’s clear and lets you see all the springs and pins and everything that makes the lock work. It's a great practice tool, and can be used as a real lock if you want.
Comes with 2 keys and a plastic storage case. It's a perfect gift for anyone who like to learn to pick locks, or is just a Curious person

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sondra Wilson
Gift for nephew

He loved being able to see inter workings! Had it figured out in no time.

Whitney Rearick
Broke. :(

The mechanism in one of the locks bent after one session. :(

Steven Bradford

3 Practice Transparent Locks: Tumblers Padlock, Disk Detainer Lock and Dimple Commercial Lock