Forenzics™ DIY Padlock Kit - comes with Clear Lock, Inner Parts and Tools


GREAT Training Tool and Gift for locksmiths and anyone who is curious KIT INCLUDES: 29 pieces for assembly + 2 Keys + 1 Clear Case CLEAR DESIGN that allows you to see the inner workings of the lock WORKS for any experience level, comes with instructions and,

E-Guide (e-guide is emailed as a PDF file) LEARN how to put a lock together

Do you know who loves the clear lock and its attendant tools? Pretty much everyone. It's amazing to watch! If you're learning, you will learn much more quickly when you have the ability to see what's happening. And once you're good at it, you will be amazed at how much this impresses. It's a great "party trick"; it's an icebreaker on a date, and it's great for showing people what you can do.

Looking for the Perfect gift to give to your investigative friend or loved one?  This set has you covered. This DIY Practice lock lets you see exactly how locks are put together, Helping you understand how they function. The Forenzics set comes with the practice lock  fully disassembled so you get to put it together  from scratch along with lock assembly tools.  You see all the inner workings that make the lock work.  This set is perfect for anyone who is curious, Great for puzzle solvers, Family events,  and those interested in the art of locksmiths.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Myron Reynolds
DIY lock kit

This item requires a better craftsperson than l. There are pins and springs everywhere.

Nick Marlowe
Quality, but a bit tough to put together

A bit daunting for a novice. The instructions were good, but I personally needed a bit more help. I highly recommend this kit!!!

Margaret Baxter

Forenzics™ DIY Padlock Kit - comes with Clear Lock, Inner Parts and Tools