Lock Pick Gun Set: 7 piece


Set Includes:

  • 4 Quality Lock Picks Attachment tools ,
  • 3 Tension Wrenches
  • 1 Lock Pick Gun

Our sets are designed to help you to have all the essential tools you’ll need to unlock the locks. Each lock pick set comes with clear instructions along with a 52 page E-book (which includes the MIT guide) so you can get plenty of ideas and understanding to help your success. Just remember the key to learning is doing, so the more you practice picking the lock, the better you will get.

Impress your friends and family : Great conversation piece, you can show off to your new date, family challenges, and just fun to see who is the fastest. Fun and challenging: awesome game for increasing brain activity Great gift for that future investigator: The Perfect surprise, Everyone is curious, help your detective inside get a great start

Buying a lock pick is a great way to earn how lock picks work. The Seven-piece lock pick gun is an excellent way for people on a budget to get a lock pick and hone their lock picking skills. Lock picking is a useful skill that ensures that you can help others if they are locked out, is a marketable skill and saves you money spent on locksmiths. Our Seven Piece Lock Pick Gun comes with a guide on how to pick locks so that you can learn quickly.

The Lock Pick Genius Seven-piece Lock Pick Gun comes with four lock pick attachment tools, three tension wrenches and one lockpick gun. The lock pick attachments can be attached to the gun and shot into a lock. All the attachments can be used on doors in the United States of America. That is because most door locks are installed with the pins mounted upwards which are nearly all doors in the United States.

That noted this can also work for doors with pins mounted downward although holding it may present some discomfort. Remember our seven-piece lockpick gun ensures that you do not have to buy different tools as it has both the tension wrenches and the lock picking attachments.

Our Lock Pick Gun comes with instruction on how to use. They are easy to follow, and you will quickly learn how to use the lock picks. Apart from that, you get a 52-page e-book that includes the MIT guide to using a lockpick gun. Our products are checked for quality when before they are shipped so you can be sure that you will be getting the best quality items. The e-book is in PDF format and is set to your email. We make use of high-quality and safe packaging. The packaging also includes a printed lock picking guide. With these tools, you can learn how to open doors with our lock pick using the different attachments. The gun is made such that it shoots the attachment upwards into the lock to help open. With a practice lock you can practise the tips and tricks in our e-book.

After you have learnt how to pick locks, you can show off your new skill to friends and family. Apart from impressing them, you can help them open doors when they lock themselves out. It is also a great conversation piece, and you can teach lock picking to your friends at a party. Remember the lockpick will surprise everyone and make them curious about your skill. If you struggle socializing at parties, a lock pick gun will provide something to discuss. It also ensures that you do not have to hire a locksmith if you lock yourself out of your business or office.

Lock picking is also a great way to challenge your mind. Picking a lock is like doing a puzzle, and you can keep challenging your brain by practicing on different types of locks. It also is an excellent gift for people interested in becoming detectives.

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