Forenzics™ 13 Piece Lock Pick Set with 1 Practice Lock


Set Includes:  
13 Quality Lock tools includes:

  • 1 blue transparent practice lock.
  • Comes with 4 different size hook picks,
  • 1 hook pick with dimple end,
  • 1 diamond rake,
  • 1 half diamond rake,
  • 1 dimple rake 4 tension tools
  • 1 Carrying case for tools.

This is one of our bestsellers, and with good reason: it's some of the best tools that you can get in one package, and it's both a complete and very extremely flexible lockpick set, and also one of the most variegated. It's exceptional for beginners, and it's still a set you'll come back even after you've achieved serious mastery. Engage your hands, engage your mind; this is often one of the best arrays of thoughtful openers.

Our kits are designed to help you learn easily and quickly so you can go from practice locks to real locks with ease, Each lock pick kit comes with clear instructions along with a 52 page E-book (which includes the MIT guide) so you can get plenty of ideas and understanding to help your success.  Just remember the key to learning is doing, so the more you practice picking the lock, the better you will get. 

This kit is great to get started in the locksmith profession, or locksport Impress your friends and family :   Great conversation piece, you can show off to your new date, family challenges, and just fun to see who is the fastest.   Fun and challenging: awesome game for increasing brain activity  Great gift for that future investigator: The Perfect surprise, Everyone is curious, help your detective inside get a great start

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lock pick beginner set w/ practice lock

I would recommend it to beginners.

Gary Mitchell

Good feeling still hurts the finger and needs a better book

Eddie Yakin
Nice picks, crappy lock.

The picks worked well. The lock is good, but starts to deform after not that many uses so it becomes impossible to pick anymore. I’d be willing to pay a few extra dollars for a stronger lock.