Pocket Kit 2 Lock Picks Sets with 1 Practice Lock


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Kit Includes:
 Two Quality Lock Pick Sets :

1 Jackknife Lock Pick tools, 1 Wallet Size Lock Pick Tools and 1 Clear Blue Tumbler Padlock.

Jackknife lock pick tool has:

  • 1 saw rake,
  • 1 C-rake,
  • 1 half diamond pick,
  • 1 short hook pick,
  • 1 medium hook pick,
  • 1 half ball pick,
  • 1 torsion wrench

Wallet tool set has:

  • 1 saw rake,
  • 1 C-rake,
  • 1 short hook pick,
  • 1 half diamond pick,
  • 1 torsion wrench.

 Are you looking for the best lock pick? The odds are that you want to learn how to pick locks or you are a hobbyist looking for a better lock pick. A good lock pick can improve your problem-solving skills while teaching you a new skill. However, picking the best lock pick for you can be daunting, especially if you are new to lock picking. You main focus while purchasing a lock pick should be quality. The pocket Jackknife lock pick is the perfect lock for you if you are looking for the perfect bring a long tool. Learn more about the Pocket Jackknife Lock Pick below.


Product Description

The secret to purchasing the best lock pick is to go for one that is perfect for you. Carrying a large lock pick is not only difficult, but it does not make sense. This lock pick set is ideal for you if you do not want to go through the hassle of carrying a large lock pick. The pocket Jackknife lock pick set comes with 6 lock pick tools and one tension tool along with a credit card lock pick set.

It is an awesome stealthy discreet kit with all the picks you need to open any type of lock. This pocket lock pick also comes with an in-built tension tool that tucks into the hole in the frame to become the cover for your pick.

The Pocket Jackknife Lock Pick kit is the perfect for you if you are looking for a lock pick you can carry along. It has a nice design and can easily fit in most of your pockets, backpacks, center consoles, and glove box. You can take it with you if you need a backup lock pick set.

This pocket lock pick also has a nice design, making it the best conversation piece for you if you want to wow your new date, relatives, and friends. You can even it for fun by asking your relatives and friends to play fun and challenging games. Using it for challenges increases brain activity. It will also be a motivation for anyone who wants to be an investigator.

You can also purchase this great pocket lock pick for a fellow hobbyist and a future investigator. It is also the perfect surprise for loved ones who want to learn how to pick locks.

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Love that all the picks work very well and are so compact.