A Lock Picking Genius Can Unlock The World


Forenzics 13 Piece Lock Pick Set with 1 Practice Lock

Practice Lock Kit

Excellent Learning Kit

9 Picks and 4 Tension Tools

Great for the beginers

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DIY Padlock Kit

Put your own lock together 

All parts with assembly tools

Learn about tumbler lock

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Jackknife Lock Pick

Equipped with essential picks

5 Picks and 1 Tensioner

Handy Pocket Lock Pick Set

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Pocket lock pick kit

Easily fits in your pocket and wallet

10 Picks 2 Tension wrench tools

1 Practice clear blue lock

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Client testimonials

Lockpick genius 25 piece lockpick set review

My order was shipped the same day!, awesome service!



Lockpick genius 13 piece lockpick kit with practice lock and real lock review

I Got the beginners kit, I have learned a lot, I finally understand how a lock works. So COOL!



I bought a pick set and practice locks my husband.  He loves the gift.   



Metal handel lock pick set with training practice locks review

This is a Hit!, every time I have company I get to show off my lock picking skills!