How to Open Hard to Pick Locks Like a Pro

How to Open Hard to Pick Locks Like a Pro

You may not like to keep a key under the mat and lose your key as it can cause a lot of trouble. You can learn to lockpick unpickable locks to avoid this kind of problem. You can also impress your friends by picking locks and showing them their houses' security vulnerability. If you want to impress your friends, you should know how to open hard to pick locks like a pro. 

You can also practice lockpicking as a hobby. We have compiled a guide that can help you lock pick hard locks in the easiest way possible.

Which Locks are Hard to Pick

Most of the online content these days is to teach you about easy to pick locks. When you consider the hard to pick locks, the information is limited. It is easy to crack the tumbler locks. 

We have compiled a list of locks that will require more effort because of the many factors involved that we will explain.

  • Master lock
  • Combination lock
  • ABUS locks
  • Lever locks

Picking Master Locks

These locks are a little harder to pick than the ones given to beginners for practice. People are using these locks to secure safes and chains most of the time. If you want to pick a master lock, you need to learn to crack the raking method.

Required Equipment

You are going to need the rake based pick and the tension wrench. If you can get the rake pick handle, it will help you pick the lock with ease.


You have to use a rake handle to set the pins in place and the tension wrench to apply the clockwise force. You should start by inserting the tension wrench at the base and use your palm to apply a little tension in a clockwise direction. 

You need to insert the rake-based pick in the lock and apply force on the pins in the upward direction. When you have set the lock-pin in place, you will hear the click sound. 

The master locks contain five pins. You must hear five click sounds before applying the clockwise pressure using the tension wrench. The keyhole should rotate to open the lock at this point.

Picking combination lock

People are using these locks for traveling bags and college lockers. You can rotate the rollers and fix a combination of numbers to open the lock.

Equipment requirement

Once you know the right method for picking the combination locks, there is no need to purchase complicated equipment. You only need good observation skills to pick this lock like a pro.


It is better to start by clearing the lock and resetting it to zero on all the dials. You can put some pressure on the shackle and turn the dial till a number stick. You can add five to this number to get the first reading. 

You need to rotate the dial counterclockwise to get the second number until it sticks. 

To get the third number, you need to push the dial clockwise until a number sticks. Once you get all three numbers, you can set them on the dial to open the lock.

Picking ABUS Lock

This company uses the same locking mechanism as the master lock, but there is some complication in picking the locks of this company. You can start by picking the brass locks of this company.

Equipment Requirements

It is a complicated lock, so you will need a hook-based picking handle and two of the tension wrenches.


This lock is different because it may unlock clockwise or counterclockwise. You have to find the direction of unlocking this lock first and then go to the next steps. When you insert both tension wrenches, you should try to move the hole clockwise and counterclockwise. 

In the right direction, the lock will move a little more than the other direction. Once you find the right direction, you have to force the wrenches towards the same direction. 

You can insert the pick and try to push the pin that is the hardest to push among all of them. 

Once the pin is set in place, you start pushing the other pins. If the first pin is set in place correctly, it will become easy to push the other pins. 

When all five are in place, you can use some more rotating pressure to unlock.

Picking Lever Lock

You will notice these locks at your home doors and office doors. There are levers inside this lock that prevent the lock from opening without the key. It is a case of learning how to pick a lock on a bedroom door.

Equipment Requirements

There are different types of tension wrenches for these locks. These are called the mailbox tension wrenches. You are also going to need the picking handle with a hook.


The process of picking the lever lock is a little harder than picking the master lock. 

You have to use different equipment to open this lock. It is crucial to understand that this lock has to be opened in many steps. 

You can start by using the tension wrench specially designed for these locks. Once you find the direction of unlocking this lock, you can apply some pressure in the same direction. 

You need to insert the second handle and push the lever inside the lock upwards till you observe some difference of tension on the tension wrench. 

The lock will rotate a little after fixing the first lever on the spot. These locks have five or six levers most of the time. You should do the same with each lever and use the tension wrench until you have entirely picked the lock.


It is not very difficult to pick the tumbler locks as you may only need a pin to pick the lock. If you want to pick hard to pick locks, you need the right equipment. 

Rather get a set of professional tension wrenches and pick handles. Using these types of equipment for different types of door locks, you will look like a pro while you are picking the hard locks.

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