Quadruple Your Chances to Master Lock Picking or Get Your Money Back

Quadruple Your Chances to Master Lock Picking or Get Your Money Back

Are you burning to get started with the art of master lock picking? Now you have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Shop for enthralling lock picks to learn the ancient art of working with real locks and untangling them. 

Apart from having great fun as you try to master your lock picking skills, you will also have lock picking tools to improve your skills and abilities. Learning this vital life skill will go a long way towards training your mind to overcome barriers.

Where Do You Start To Master the Art of Lock Picking?

Lock Pick Genius is the best place for getting started on your lock picking journey. With a wide range of lock pick sets, you can never go wrong when choosing your first lock pick set. 

Lock Pick Genius sells a wide range of lock pick sets used by all pros at a price you can afford. Here is everything you need to know to increase your chances of improving your lock picking skills.

Getting Started

Anyone who puts his or her mind to it can learn how to pick a lock. Understanding the functioning of a lock is all you need to get started. Armed with such vital knowledge, you will be in a better position to take advantage of mechanical defects. 

The secret to mastering lock picking is to practice and keep at it. Begin with one lock before you proceed to other locks. Your lock picking skills will improve tremendously, the more locks you pick.

Discover the tools you need to increase your chances of improving your lock picking skills. Follow along as we guide you:

You Will Require Lock Pick Hooks

Lock pick hooks are available in various shapes and sizes. You will require these tools to set the pins of the locks. 

There are different shapes and sizes of lock pick hooks:

  • Hooks Picks: You can use hooks picks to feel the lock. Hook picks pick one pin at a time. They have a hook, which is bent upwards. Each hook tool has a different angle to make it easy to push the pin to the perfect spot.
  • Half Diamond and Full Diamond Picks: This multipurpose pick is used for picking individual pins. You can also use it for raking a lock. Half diamond and full diamond picks can also be used for disk and wafer locks.

Rakes Tool

Lock raking tools are available in various shapes and sizes. 

Discover the best lock raking tools below:

  • Half Ball, Double Ball, and Full Ball - These raking tools are used for wafer locks. Ball picks are similar to half diamond picks. However, ball picks have a semi-circular or circular end.
  • Dimple Rake - This raking tool is ideal for a dimple lock. It works by sliding the pick beyond the pins quickly to align the pins and open the lock quickly.
  • Saw Rakes - Saw rakes are ideal for wafer and tumbler locks. Put the saw rake in and pull it out quickly to create a gap in the shear line. The created gap will turn the cylinder and open the lock quickly.
  • Buy Lock Pick Tension Wrenches - You cannot open a master lock without the tension wrench. To use this tool, you will have to insert it into the bottom of the master lock. Put tension against the direction the lock turns. The master lock will provide an audible clicking or grinding.

Clear Practice Locks Or Padlocks Will Be Handy

Clear practice locks and padlocks are ideal for every beginner who wants to learn how to pick a padlock. These locks will allow you to understand how the lock works by observing how it operates. You will also have fun while practising your master lock picking skills when using clear practice locks and padlocks.

How do Master Locks work?

Understanding how a master lock function is the first thing you should do to improve your master lock picking skills. 

Locks and padlocks have been in use forever. Most locks use the tumbler and pin mechanisms to operate. 

Contrary to popular belief, master locks are much easier to open than other types of locks. You will only need one quick try to pen it without a key once you improve your skills. Master locks have the following four mechanisms.

  • The outer case protects the lock from being cut. 
  • The locking lever keeps the lock shut until the cylinder is turned.
  • The driver and actuator move when the pin is inside the cylinder and in line with the shear line.
  • Cylinder and pins. 


You are now ready to improve your master lock picking skills since you understand how master locks function. 


Let us look at various master lock picking methods below:

Single Pin Picking

  • Single pin picking is a commonly used method to open master locks. You will use a hook pick to lift each pin one at a time. Insert the tension wrench and apply slight pressure. 
  • Proceed to insert the hook pick into the master lock and apply pressure using the tension wrench. 
  • Feel for each pin and lift it until you get to the binding pin. The binding pins are difficult to move. 
  • Lift the binding pin above the shear line once you identify it. The plug should give a slight give when you do this. 
  • Look for the next binding pin and repeat the process until the lock opens.


  • Rake tools will be handy when opening high-end master locks or padlocks. The insert and pull method is quicker and easy to use.
  • Insert the raking tool inside the lock and slide it up to the top to reach the pins. 
  • Apply slight pressure on the tension wrench and pull the rake out quickly. 
  • Continue doing this until the master lock opens.


Now that you know what to do go ahead and get some locks to start your master lock picking journey. 

By owning the right lock picking tools, you will never have to worry about opening a master lock since you have the right lock picking skills and lock picking tools for the job.

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