How to Pick the Best Lock Pick Set - Comprehensive Guide 2021

How to Pick the Best Lock Pick Set - Comprehensive Guide 2021

Are you looking for the best guide on how to pick the best lock pick set made possible by an affordable lock picking set for safer lock opening? Learn how to determine the ultimate lock picking set and lock picking tools through this guide. 

Equip yourself with a new skill and perfect your practical lock picking abilities. Welcome to your new obsession! 

By the end of this guide, you will know how to choose a credible lock pick set that will not snap during a lock mid-pick. 

Be my guest! Grab a seat and read on. 

What are Lock Picks? 

Lock picks are pins that can be used to manipulate and open locks without using its original key. Lock picking is a hobby for most people who like to help their friends who have misplaced their house keys or locked themselves inside mistakenly. However, training or practising lockpicking can be a criminal offence if practiced unlawfully. You are legally allowed to practice if you have a license. 

With the best lock picking tools, the process of lock picking should be done in less than 5 minutes. However, in countries such as Japan owning lock picking tools is considered illegal and can land you in jail or having to pay hefty fines. Nevertheless, most countries permit the ownership of such tools as long as you do not use them for criminal activities. 

Why Do You Need a Lock Pick Set? 

Lock picking is a vital skill for locksmiths or may save you a lot when equipped with a best beginner lock pick set if you lock yourself in your car or misplace your keys. Moreover, once you know how to pick locks, you will discover that locks are fantasies of security. You might find yourself in the market looking for a tough lock to pick. This improves your lock picking abilities. 

The Types of Lock Picking Sets 

The beginners lock picking sets 

They feature more than ten tools placed within a carrying case. These types are sufficient for beginners due to their simplicity. Moreover, the kit costs less than $50. 

The Professional Lock Picking Sets 

They come with over 70 pieces which are essential for picking various locks. The case is relatively big and contains various hooks, rakes, wrenches, and half diamonds. Moreover, they are designed in different lengths and widths to accommodate all your needs. 

How to Choose the Ideal Lock Pick Set 

A decent lock pick set will feature an array of picks and wrenches. Moreover, the set is packed in a carrying case for safe storage and ease of portability. Currently, the market is flooded with suppliers offering all sorts of lock picking brands, which include lock pick practice kits. Some of them are genuine, while others are rogue businesses ready to pounce on innocent clients. 

Buying a lock picking set for the first time can be a daunting task: 

1. You need to do due diligence on the brands and settle on one that best suits your needs. 

2. Look at the product specification to determine the types of locks they can pick effectively. 

3. The product specification will guide you on the region to be used. 

Some lock picking sets are only meant for US-based locks while others are versatile. 

Furthermore, you need to differentiate the use of different picks which includes the half diamonds, hooks, and rakes. Armed with the right knowledge on the lock picking tools will lessen your task in getting the best lock picking set. 

The Lock Picking Tools in a Set 

The Half Diamond 

The half diamond is a pick designed with a triangular tip. You can use the half diamond on various locks, and they come in three sizes but vary with brands. Moreover, the standard half diamond doubles up as a rake. 

The most commonly used among the three is the half diamond. However, you can improvise the half diamond by filing down the large diamond. When using the half diamond, the tapered edges enable you to move pins in the lock upon using sufficient tension. 

Moreover, zipping the lock can be done by moving the pick forward and setting the lock's pins. The good thing about the half diamonds is that they can be pushed at the back of a keyway and be removed quickly after picking the lock. However, large diamonds cannot perform this activity efficiently unless filed down. 

The Hook 

Just as the name suggests, it has a bent tip and can be used as a standalone pick. The size and shape of the hook determine the number of uses of your hook. Moreover, the hook is versatile and can pick a lock without worrying about the pin being used. 

The Tension Wrench 

They are also called the torsion wrench. During lock picking, you will need to apply tension to a lock; therefore, the tension wrench is the ideal tool. However, too much, or little tension is hazardous since the locks will not set properly. A tension wrench comes in rectangular metal parts bent at an angle of 90 degrees on its tips. 

Ensure you serrate your wrench to enhance its grip and prevent it from falling when in use. The most widely used tension wrench is the twisted one. They are the best, especially during long picking sessions. 

The Rake 

Rakes are the ideal lock picking kit for a newbie. They are designed with blades similar to those of the saw. Moreover, they come in different sizes which give you a variety to choose from for picking other locks. They function by turning them inside the keyhole to pick a lock. However, rakes do not work on locks which have security pins. 

Lockpick Set with tension tools and lock picks

How to Use a Lock Picking Set 

Different types of locks have different lock picking techniques. For example, pin tumblers require you to push the pins up to line them correctly. After that, you can use a tension wrench to apply the needed tension on the cylinder to open the lock. 

However, to lessen the task, you can try using the raking technique to push at least a pin-up before applying the tension technique. 

Among the most challenging locks to pick are the combination locks since they require several picks and techniques to crack open. 

Where to Buy the Best Lock Picking Set 

You can procure various lock picking sets from the specific manufacturer or a leading E-commerce site. However, getting your locks from the manufacturer's website guarantees you impressive discounts and warranties. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Lock Picking Set 

As you shop for your lock picking tools, consider the width, material used, the type of picks and additional features such as serrations. Looking at the material is essential since it determines the pick's durability. Go for a comprehensive set which comes with all the tools you require. 

Moreover, the set should have all types of picks in their sizes and variations. Nevertheless, a quality lock pick set is very costly, but you are assured of a good return on investment. 

For beginners, a good lock pick set should not cost more than $50. Experts recommend buying small or narrow picks since it leaves one with sufficient room in the keyway. This allows you to turn and twist the pick to fast-track the exercise quickly. 

Mistakes to Avoid When You Buy a Beginner Lock Pick Set 

A beginner set should not be more than $50. However, this does not mean you opt for cheaper kits with compromised quality. As a beginner, buy a kit with ten or fewer tools and upscale to a comprehensive kit when you have perfected the skill. 

Most starters make a mistake of learning the practice by using their car or house locks. The chance of you damaging that lock is 99.9%. Thus, it is recommended to buy a practice lock

Moreover, during the learning process of picking locks, there are several things to avoid. The major ones include applying too much tension. This can lead to damaging the lock. However, applying inadequate pressure can equally damage the lock. 

Also, you will not be able to set the pins as required hence rendering failing to get the desired results. Another mistake people make is using the wrong tools. Instead, take the necessary precautions and check the type of lock to be picked, so you end up using the best lock picking tools. 

The Pre-Made Lock Sets Vs DIY Pick Set 

You can get an already customized lock pick set from the manufacturer. This guarantees you a quality product and good return on investment. There are instances where you may want to cut on the costs associated with procuring a tailored set. 

You can make your own. However, going for a DIY set requires you to be a professional lock picker. This gives you an excellent cutting edge, especially when tackling a unique lock that requires a particular picking technique. 

Experts recommend a pre-made lock for novices to learn the practice well. Professionals can have a combination of tailored and DIY lock sets since you will be working with various locks. 


Lock picking can be fun. However, if you use the wrong set of tools, it can be a nightmare. Moreover, lock picking laws vary with the locality; you need to keep yourself abreast with the applicable laws. When shopping for the best lock picking set, always look at user reviews to improve your chances of obtaining exceptional quality. With this guide, you will never have to struggle with picking locks again!

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