Use Lockpicking Kits for Preppers and Turn the Tables in Your Favor

Use Lockpicking Kits for Preppers and Turn the Tables in Your Favor

The skill of picking locks where individuals may make use of lock picking kits leads to a negative view as it is mostly associated with the wrong things. For example, thieves picking locks and escaping with valuables.

But we also know detectives of all kinds use lock picking skills to get access to a place without alerting anyone. Military and CIA agents do it, too. In detective TV series, lock picking is shown to be a cool art. Is it so easy to learn and practice lock picking techniques? It sure can be if you are equipped with lock picking kits.

Forenzics™ Deluxe 25 Piece Training Lock Pick Set

Does it require a special set of tools? 

No matter how easy it may look on TV, picking locks using a lockpick set is a skill that comes with training and practice. You need to develop an understanding of the lock's internal mechanisms. It would be best if you use your chosen lock pick set repeatedly until you become proficient in your craft. 

However, it would help if you were aware of the fact that your act of lock picking can constitute illegal trespass and breach of privacy. These are considered illegal activities and can attract harsh punishments.

Agreed, you need locks to pick to practice, and you may be tempted to try your skills on your neighbor's locks. But be warned that doing so can lead to severe problems for you. For example, your neighbor might take you for a real burglar and may reach for a gun and aim a shot at you. He or she may even call the police. 

However, it's not illegal to know how to pick the locks where you use a lock pick set. Nor is it unwarranted to possess the tools needed to pick the locks. But trying to pick the lock without being authorized to do so is, of course, a crime you must stay clear of. 

However, lock picking is a skill that's considered an essential trait of preppers - the growing tribe of people who prepare themselves for the worst. They are survivalists who are obsessed with the idea of finding a way to survive the worst of the crisis. For them, lock-picking is a principle skill to survive the unforeseen. Preppers is a huge and growing community that depends on each other for learning and practicing the skills considered critical to SHTF situations. 

Luckily, for all the hobbyists and survivalists, there are adequate resources out there to learn and gain experience in lock picking. However, as you take your first step, be forewarned of the local laws of lock-picking. 

Lock Picks 

Yes, you need the lock picking kit. They are made available on the market from some of the top brands and companies. So, what kind of lock picks should you buy to get started? As a beginner, you don't need to go for the most expensive lock picks. A decent set from a good company can serve your purpose. 

Practice Locks 

Next, you need some lock picking practice locks. You will need to practice on a variety of locks to gain experience and confidence in your craft. Many of the practice locks come with a transparent design that lets you see the internal mechanisms. You can see how a lock reacts when you turn one of the lock picking tools. 


Most of the lock picking tools and practice locks come with their respective instruction manuals. These guides explain the functioning of locks and keys. By reading these and practicing with the required tools and practice locks, you will can gain a fair understanding of how lock-picking is accomplished. It would be useful to look for books that go into more depth regarding this topic.


When it comes to mechanical things, sometimes, watching a video is more helpful. It helps to learn things quickly and in gain a comprehensive understanding. You will find many lock-picking videos on YouTube to assist you in this endeavor. 

Online Resources 

You can also find a good deal of reading materials online to do with lock-picking. These resources include Wikipedia, WikiHow, and many other websites on lock-picking. 

Now, let's have a look at

Different kinds of lock picking kits that are available on the market: 

Lock Picks 

When it comes to lock picking, there are at least three types of lock picking tools available on the market. 


To open a lock quickly, rakes are the first lock pick tools that one would reach out for. It is possible to open a lock with the help of only rakes. Imagine, you could open a lock without the keys. You may not need many rakes as Wave and Bogota rakes, featuring 3 to 5 peaks, may be able to unlock most of the locks. Other rakes that you might need to include city and snake rakes. If none of these tools works on a particular lock, it's better to leave the lock alone. 

Tension tools for lockpicking

Tension Tools 

Many of the tension tools are more useful than most of the rakes and picks. To open a lock, the role of the correct width and angle is important. You can make your own tension tools the way you think it's going to work better. However, for me, Peterson Pry Bars work just perfect.    

Lock Picks for lockpicking


  • Half Diamond Hooks: There are quite a few picks available, but you will most likely need half diamond hooks and medium hooks. A hook pick is more useful as it can perform single pin picking inside the locks. 
  • Comb Pick: To open solid body low-security master locks that are very popular in the US, you would mostly require four-toothed comb picks. It helps push the pin stacks beyond the shear line that results in the opening of the padlock. 
  • Sparrows Orion Tool: These tools work in the same fashion as Medium hooks and comb picks. But these tools come in sizes that are meant for commercial and government doors.    
  • Bobby Pins: With these pins, you can make picks, tension tools, spare pick sets, and any other tools that you might need.    
  • Warded Picks: These picks are used to open warded locks which are widely used outdoors in North America. These picks open the warded locks just the way a key would open a lock. 
  • Double-sided Wafer Rakes: Typically, wafer locks are commonly used on access cabinets, key and medicine cabinets, storage cabinets, file and tool cabinets, older car doors, and camper shells. 

Restraint Escape Tools 

Restraint escape tools are among the most basic lock picking tools. These are covert tools meant for helping you escape from restraints such as flex cuffs, handcuffs, duct tape, or rope. These tools are usually flat and tiny so that they don't get detected easily.

You should avoid keeping these tools in your wallet because they are the first thing to be taken away after your weapons during an abduction. For the same reason, you should also avoid hiding them inside valuables such as jewelry or watches.    

Pocket Survival Kit 

Do you carry a pocket survival kit? If you do, most of the components in your kit will serve multiple purposes, including usage as entry tools. These tools can help you to make entry tools with whatever you can find in the surroundings. You may also wish to include a few entry tools in your pocket survival kit. 

Some multi-use ideas to do with the best lock picking kits: 

  • Leatherman Squirt: This is a very small pocket tool kit. It contains a knife, wire cutters, pliers, flathead screwdrivers, scissors, and a file. With these tools, you can easily make some entry tools.    
  • Auto Rockers: This pocket tools kit includes some jiggler keys. Whether you walk to the driver may sometimes depend on these small keys, especially during bugging out. 
  • Traveler's Hook: This can be used to manipulate door latches. It offers a wider range of usage than your pocket Jim. You will be amazed at its versatility and its capacity to open a wide range of doors.      
  • Pocket Jim: This tool helps you manipulate when other tools don't fit well. You can modify your pocket Jim to fit the GRIPS-S handles. For this, you will need to flatten the base and add a hole for the set screw. 
  • Grips-S Tool Handles: It helps you pack many different tools into a comfy kit. 
  • Spiral Cut Wire: This can be threaded by plates on the backside of the live latches and pulled down to depress the latches. The door opens up. Although a piano wire is often used in this kind of attack, a snare wire, wire saw, or saltwater fishing leader can also be used. For more effect, you can also use GRIPS-S.     
  • Diamond-Cut Off Disc: This is a handy tool that can help in making keys for high-security handcuffs. It can also modify standard keys and make them open high-security handcuffs. 


Final Thoughts 

Lock picking can be a hobby for many people. But for preppers, it's one of the most crucial skills that they must learn and become proficient in. To help them in their endeavor, there are endless numbers of resources. These include the best lock picking kit and lock picking practice locks. 

Interestingly, many of the practice locks are transparent. It helps to learn lock picking because you can see what reaction the lock's internal mechanism has when you turn or twist picks, hooks, rakes, or any other lock pick set is used.

In this post, we have discussed various kinds of lock picking kits and tools that are either on the market or can be made. This should help you unlock the mystery of the locks that you attempt to open.

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