Learn How to Pick a Lock in 6 Easy Steps and Startle Your Friends

Learn How to Pick a Lock in 6 Easy Steps and Startle Your Friends

Do you want to learn the art of lock picking? Learning how to pick a lock is the best thing to do this year. Apart from startling your friends, perfecting your lockpicking skills will come in handy when you misplace your keys. Something that happens to every human being on this earth.

You will also satisfy your curiosity when you finally learn the easiest way to pick a lock. Keep reading to discover how to pick a lock in 6 easy steps and startle your friends during 2020 and beyond.

Understanding Lock Picking

Understanding how to lock pick is the first thing you should master to improve your lockpicking skills. Lock picking refers to the art of opening locks without using a key.

Destroying the lock is not how you do it. Individuals can use various methods to open a lock.

Why the Need to Learn How to Pick a Lock?

There are all sorts of reasons why you should learn how to pick a lock. Here is why you need to know how to open a lock without using keys. 

Be Helpful to Others

You might not appreciate your lockpicking skills until you have to help others. For instance, you will be proud of yourself should the opportunity arise to save a child who is locked in a car or at home. 

Show Off Your Lock Picking Skills 

Learning how to open a lock without using keys is the best way to impress your friends. You can even join various lock picking contests to startle them.

Marketable Skills

Knowing the easiest way to pick locks is also a marketable skill. You can become your own boss when you finally learn how to open a lock without keys. For instance, a private security company may require your help to know how easy it is to penetrate their security systems. 

Save Your Money

There will be no need to hire a locksmith once you learn how to open a lock. Besides, you can pick the lock when you lose your key and carry on with your breadwinning tasks. 


Losing your keys can be stressful. Having said so, you can always seek the help of a qualified locksmith, or you can save precious time and money if you know how to open a key lock yourself. 

Security Knowledge

Improving your lockpicking skills will allow you to understand how locks work. This knowledge will enable you to choose the best locks and make them safer. You will even learn how to pick a small lock.

Is Lock Picking Legal?

Several people are afraid of learning the art of lockpicking to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Most individuals think that first responders and locksmiths are the only people allowed to practice this art.

You will be glad to know that lock picking is legal in several states. However, do not take advantage of your ability to lock pick to gain illegal access into someone's home.

The best thing to do is to find out if your state allows lockpicking. You will have to prove that you do not intend to use your jimmy to commit a crime should it be illegal to own and use lock picking tools in your state. 

Different types of practice locks

Discover Various Types of Key Locks 

There are various types of key locks. Learning more about these will enable you to understand how to pick a key lock. Below are the most common types of key locks you will encounter during your lock picking journey: 

Warded Locks 

Wards in this type of lock that is the easiest to lockpick.

Keys have wards that match notches to give the key ample room to rotate and open the lock. Warded locks are suitable for low-security applications since they are easy to open.

Lever Tumbler Lock 

Lever tumbler locks have levers that prevent bolts from entering the lock. The right key will lift the tumbler and allow the bold to enter inside the lock. These types of locks are ideal for cabinets. 

Wafer Tumbler Lock 

Although wafer tumbler locks are similar to tumbler locks, they are one single piece. Wafer tumbler locks are quite expensive. These locks are used in automobiles. 

Disc Tumbler Lock 

Also known as the Abloy lock, the disc tumbler lock has slotted rotating detainer discs. These kinds of locks are secure and difficult to pick. 

Pin Tumbler Lock 

Pin tumbler locks are some of the more popular locks in the market. These locks use a set of pins to prevent the lock from opening unless the right key is used.

The horizontal grooves on the lock combine with the wards to open the lock when the correct key is inserted. Once you've done so, notches in the lock will allow the pin to rotate until it corresponds with the cylinder, allowing it to move freely and open the lock. 


Understanding Pin Tumbler Locks 

Pin tumbler locks happen to be the most common lock types you will encounter during your lock picking journey. Many prefer these locks since they are cheap and affordable. They can also be installed on various types of doors, deadbolts, and padlocks. Learn more about the components of pin tumblers below:   


Housing refers to the outer covering that holds the other components in place. 


The plugs refer to the hole. The keys enter the tumbler lock through the hole. 

Driver Pins 

Every tumbler pin has a set of pins, which prevents the plug from rotating until you use the right key. 

Key Pins 

The key pins push up when the right key is fitted to allow the plug to rotate and open the lock. 


The springs enable the driver and key pins to push up when the right key is edged in. They also allow the lock to retain its original position once you remove the key. 

The Sheer Line 

The sheer line is created when the right key is inserted into the lock. The pins are aligned in the correct order to open the lock. 

The Easiest Way to Pick a Lock in Only 6 Steps

There are various lock picking techniques you can use to pick a lock. You have the freedom to choose between professional lock picking tools and household objects like hairpins and credit cards.

Professional lock pick tools should be your go-to option if you are looking for convenience and affordability. We do have a coupons for your shopping.  Learn how to open your lock with professional lockpicking tools below:

Lock Pick Tools 

The easiest way of learning how to open a key lock and startle your friends is by using professional lock pick tools. Contrary to popular belief, these are cheap and easy to use. What is more, is you do not have to purchase several jimmies to learn how to open a key lock. You will be good to go once you buy quality rakes and tensions. 

The secret to opening a lock is to align the pins in the correct order and maintain a slight turning pressure on the lock. You can use a wrench tool to retain little pressure and a rake to create the sheer line.

Below are some of the methods you can use to open a lock: 

Single Pin Picking 

Single pin picking is the first lock picking technique you should learn to take your skills to the next level. You will need a pick to use this locking picking technique successfully. Picks resemble short hooks with a handle. Another tool you will need for this technique is a tensioning tool called a pry bar. 

Single pin picking refers to the process of opening the lock using the hook pick and tensioning tool. Continue to lift each pin one at a time.

Here are 6 easy steps to pick a lock and impress your friends: 

Step One

Firstly, insert the tension tool into the lock. Turn the tension tool and apply a moderate amount of tension to open the lock. 

Step Two 

The next thing you should do is to insert the pin into the plug. Make sure to insert the pin until it is right at the back. It is wise to focus on pushing the pins lightly until they start to spring. Identify the most rigid pin while you are at it. 

Step Three 

After identifying the most rigid pin, you should proceed to insert the tip of the pick into the middle of the pin. Although it is best to aim for the center each time, you do not have to be spot-on. 

Step Four 

It is best to focus on reducing the tension you are applying to the plug at this stage. You should feel the pins moving at this stage. 

Step Five 

Now, start to insert the binding pin until it is in line with the sheer line. Proceed to the next pin and maintain the same tension. You might hear an audible click as you insert the remaining binding pins.

Step Six 

Finally, turn the plug to open the lock once the pins are in a sheer line. 

Buy quality lock picking tools to improve your lockpicking skills and impress your friends.

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